Tallulah Steph

Intern to Designer, Product Developer & Sales Executive...


My journey with Tallulah began in 2011 as I worked at the company as an intern. I interned at TL for just under a year before starting a Contour Fashion course at De Montfort University, Leicester.

During my time at university, I always supported TL whether it was buying their latest collections or sharing their newest designs, I always had a love for Tallulah.

I have added some images below showing my final collection at university, it even made it to the  Vogue website!










Once I finished university, I was offered a role at TL. As TL is a small, independent brand, I now manage lots of areas in the company including; designing, technical work, sales, marketing, photoshoot concepts, styling & social media.

I love being involved in all aspects, it is great being able to communicate with customers and hearing their feedback on collections! I can't wait to launch the latest design, Midnight Minx - a nod to the dark side of Tallulah! I have added a sneak peek below...