In the Spotlight: Our Muse, Beth

In the Spotlight

Did you notice a gorgeous little girl sharing the spotlight in the photos of our Moonlight Mist loungewear range? She’s the daughter of Beth, the face of Tallulah Love and our muse for almost 10 years.

Mother’s Day took on a new meaning for Beth last year when she became a mum herself and we were so pleased when she said ‘yes’ to our idea to include Evelyn in the shoot.

Beth Said: "When I became a mother I found a love like I never knew before, but I also lost myself. It was a delight to be able to bring Evelyn with me for my first shoot back. I remember feeling overwhelmed at the thought of my body not being quite the same as before my pregnancy but I was excited to embrace this new version of me and to experience it with my wonderful daughter by my side.”

Tallulah Love designer Steph said: ‘Everyone adored having Evelyn on the shoot and Beth absolutely radiated joy – it was exactly the vibe I had in mind when developing the Moonlight Mist range – relaxed luxury with a uniqueness and exclusivity akin to a mother’s love. And of course we were really pleased to hear Beth’s reflections on the range.’  

This mother’s day, we celebrate Beth and Evelyn and honour the maternal love in all of us - however and to whomever you show it. With Tallulah Love x


Connect with Beth on Instagram: @bethnadiathompson
"The Moonlight mist is one of my favourite TL collections to date, I love lingerie and since becoming a Mum comfort is a must for me. Stepping into this collection introduced the luxury of both style and comfort making me feel relaxed and sophisticated. The cool jersey cotton felt light and soft against my skin – almost like being hugged by a fluffy cloud."