One set sold = one set gifted

For some time Tallulah Love has been quietly supporting two local refuges, which offer shelter to hundreds of women and their children to escape abusive situations.

We have always said that woman should wear beautiful lingerie for themselves – as a confidence booster or simply to help them feel good.

Following the shocking news that domestic violence killings reached a 5-year high, and that women living on our doorstep in the North East of England are twice as likely to suffer domestic abuse as women living in London, we thought Who needs a confidence boost more than a women fleeing domestic violence? And so we started gifting Tallulah Love lingerie sets to the women in the refuges.

With International Women’s Day approaching, Team Tallulah thought it was time we shared this with you and involved you; through your purchase this month you’re directly contributing to our support for the refuges. One set sold = one set gifted.

It’s been a rewarding experience for us. The women come to Tallulah Love HQ to select their lingerie set and have a private fitting. There are no photos or fanfare. We have coffee together before handing over their lovely duck-egg blue bag.

With your support, we look forward to welcoming more women to Tallulah Love HQ as the month progresses and ask that you encourage your friends to support this initiative too.

We’re not kidding ourselves that beautiful lingerie will heal someone who has been seriously abused but we hope that a gift of lingerie, given with a warm heart and the support of your purchase, will contribute in a small way to a more positive future.