Knicker Luxe


Knicker Luxe

Every lingerie drawer needs some cotton but you needn’t compromise on luxury or design. We are so excited to bring you Knicker Luxe, an Australian brand of luxury loungewear and cotton comforts.

After we met our friends from Knicker Luxe on our tradeshow travels we just couldn't get the lovely designs -  with touches of lace and satin - but mostly made from luxury PIMA cotton, out of our heads. They are super soft and the long cotton fibers give the fabric a quality feel and finish, for longer. 

This is not throwaway fashion. This is luxury. And that is why Knicker Luxe is the perfect complement to Tallulah Love in your lingerie drawer. 

Knicker Luxe is available exclusively at Tallulah Love in the UK and is available in sizes XS-XXL with every piece sweetly packed in a luxe cotton or linen bag. 

Try it and enjoy! 


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