Adina Reay DD+

Adina Reay (DD+)

Adina Reay was created with the express aim of breaking all the rules repeatedly applied to fuller bust lingerie. Shopping for a bra, when you have big breasts, tends to be about being told what you can't have, what you must wear. We hate that.

So here's what Adina offers: slimmer straps, narrower backs and sides, and much less invasive coverage. And to top it off our cutting edge designs are out-there fabulous, because we set out to prove that couture luxury lingerie really isn't limited by cup size.

The Founder of Adina Reay, Sharon Lake, set the brand up after being fed up with the lack of choice and imagination in the Fuller Bust market. Sharon gathered a small team of committed lingerie experts to help bring her vision to life, and set about disrupting the industry with the message that fit shouldn't compromise or dictate how you look and feel.


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