Moonlight Mist

Moonlight Mist

Opulent Lace

Moonlight Mist 

We cannot tell you how excited we are to introduce Tallulah Love’s first luxe loungewear range, Moonlight Mist! 

Tonal hues of misty blue grace this luxurious silk nightwear range, while tranquil, cool tones add depth to the hand-drawn print. Designed, printed and manufactured in the UK, the Moonlight Mist collection includes six new designs.

The imposed slowdown of life sparked Tallulah Steph’s creativity and gave her the inspiration for this stunning new range. Designer, Stephanie Raeburn said:

During lockdown the stillness of the evenings drew me outdoors and one night, when there was a luminous full moon, I was mesmerised by the way the moonlight created shadows and soft silhouettes. Following a collaboration with a fine art illustrator who sketched the floral blooms, I started to play around with prints. The stunning nighttime images suddenly appeared in my design, along with our well-loved hummingbird – although it’s not exactly the kind of bird you would see in a nocturnal English garden'.
I really hope you love it as much as we do at Tallulah HQ!    


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